“I can’t begin to convey how hospitable our Houstonian Chivers are. Everybody I met made us feel welcome to Houston. I heard “Are you enjoying your stay in Houston” from nearly every Chiver I met. I can’t remember ever asking anybody if they were enjoying their stay in Los Angeles County, for example. Nothing beats southern hospitality.

We’d especially like to thank the staff at Lucky’s Pub. From the bartenders to the management, they’re all die hard Chivers and they all fought hard to bring the meetup to Houston. They couldn’t have had the place in better shape. Lucky’s proved this night that they deserved to win Sullivan & Son’s Battle of the Bars.

The party was scheduled to end at Midnight but we all partied on into the early morning hours. I’m pretty sure I walked home. These meetups are about so much more than us, it’s about meeting fellow Chivers and raising a glass to a good time. Basically, it’s about having as much fun as possible without falling down. We did just that. Thanks again, Houston.”